Fixing a leaky roof takes more than putting a bucket beneath the water dripping through the hole in the ceiling. If small repairs are not done when they are still small, especially in Homestead where it likes to rain, can quickly grow to colossal proportions and eventually lead to needing a whole new roof. There are many home and business owners who have no idea what valleys and flashing are and want to keep it that way, are probably better off calling a commercial roofing or roof repair company. Others can attempt the repairs themselves.

The first step is to assess what is causing the leak. Most often a cracked shingle or roof area is to blame, although it might take some hunting to find the crack. Homes or businesses with shingles or wooden shake roofs usually give away the damage with shingles that are bent, curled up or otherwise damaged. Flat roofs often leak where an area of the roof is depressed. Damage is usually apparent in the roofing tar or roofing felt material. If no visible signs of damage are immediately apparent on the roof’s surface, the problem can be at roof connection points.

Leaks can also seep into the home from damage in the roof valley or flashing. Roof valleys are the areas where the different sections of the roof join up, creating a small indentation, or valley. Flashing is the flat, metal pieces used around areas that need sealing, such as the chimney, windows or roof vents.

The proper repairs are impossible without the proper tools and supplies. Shingle or wooden shake roofs will need new shingles to replace the damaged ones, as well as tools, remove the old shingles. A pry bar can work for pliable shingles that are flexible enough to wrench out the nails.

Wood shake requires a hacksaw to cut out the damaged portion. Flat roof repairs require cutting open and squeezing water out of the roof blisters, allowing the area to dry or dry it with a propane torch, then securing the damaged area with a roofing compound or cement held in place with roofing nails.

Repairs in valleys and flashing often require patchwork or resealing rather than pulling out the old materials. Small holes in valleys can be repaired with a small piece of sheet metal, cut slightly larger than the hole and secured in place with roofing cement. Using the same type of metal as the original metal piece prevents corrosion. Flashing can be reinforced with mortar and caulking around its edges to prevent any small openings and leaks from forming. Cleaning out the old mortar and caulking is a must before new adhesive can be applied.

Roof repairs should only be attempted in dry weather in moderate temperatures on non-windy days. When the air is too cold or the roof too damp, repairs are not likely to succeed. It is also imperative to mop up and dry off any standing water on the roof before repairs can be attempted. You can also hire roofing contractors hollywood as they are the best contractors in the area and can help you with your roofing needs.