A leaky roof left untreated or in poor maintenance will no doubt continue to deteriorate. Left untreated and without professional tradesman’s attention what is a small defect can well become not only a major eyesore but a most expensive roof repair or replacement in the end. It only takes an hour or at most several hours of care and attention so why not deal with it before the cold wintertime season is upon us.

Moisture and dampness can well cause minor damage to ceilings as well as wall surfaces such as stains or peeling paint, or even more serious structural damage and damages such as even a collapsed ceiling or ceilings. The prudent home or property owner will inspect and replace loose or damaged shingles and flashing long before any leaks or leakages can occur.

As with most home maintenance projects, it is smart to make minor repairs before they become major problems. How you proceed depends on the kind or type of roof and roofing on your home or property. Generally, it can be held that approximately 80% of all roofs in the United States currently are covered with fiberglass-based asphalt shingles because of their relatively low cost and highest durability and durability. You can count on them as a product.

Asphalt-shingled roofs generally according to the trades people and repair people involved last 15 to 20 years. When they age, they develop bald spots and tend to crumble. Look for pieces of asphalt in your gutters as a sign that your roof is deteriorating and needs care and attention.

Red cedar shingles and shakers are the second most popular roofing material. Although so attractive they definitely are more vulnerable to moisture caused rot and mildew and are less resistant to fire than asphalt. They generally do last longer though in time- 20 to 30 years- and tend to curl, crack or crumble when they age. It is often easier to repair one when it leaks than replace it wholesale.

Until recently most flat or low slope roofs (roofs with a pitch of fewer than 10 degrees) have been covered with either roll roofing or built-up roofing- layers of paper or asphalt covered with gravel. The life span of these roofing materials is between 10 to 20 years- often depending on the climate. Cold frigid winter temperatures can play havoc with these types of roofs and its asphalt binding materials tend to crack in the cold making for leaks in the spring melt. As well in frigid winter conditions, it is most difficult to repair these roofs. Yet come warmer spring weather and melting of winter ice and snow and watch out.

Leaks are usually easy to detect as the water generally drips straight down and downwards. Roll roof blisters and cracks with age and time. If your built-up roof has a hole larger than one square foot, hire a professional tradesperson and roofer. You can bet it is more than difficult and indeed dangerous and foolhardy to work with hot molten asphalt out of its boiling tar furnace. Hiring roofing contractor hollywood is the best option or solving such issues as they have been working in this field from more than the previous 10 years and are experienced in the field.