Residential Roofing

The Most Common Roofing Choices for Residential Customers

Whether in requirement of a new roof for a home or replacing previous one that has abortive to do its work, Alexthe Roofer Roofing Services can offer a range of options concerning types of residential roofs in Hollywood FL. Alexthe Roofer Roofing Services considers each fitting is only one of its kinds, for those reason clients requirements will differ. Reasons such as slope, style of the home, local climate and the rate of special roofing choices each find out what kind of roof is preeminent for your residence. We hope to inform you on the most accepted roof choices for your new or previous residence. Alexthe Roof Repair Services at 2636 Grant ST offers a higher standard of residential roofing where our assurance is to you, a contented customer.


There are several types of roofing equipments, some variety new, with an assortment of advantages and drawbacks. You can re-roof with the similar kind of roofing material that you presently have or examine alternatives. Some materials are eco-friendly and a few are long-lasting or low safeguarding.
Before making your preference, think about the price of your roofing material. A few materials, though much more costly, need less safeguarding and have a longer life span than others. A blacktop composition roof might last only10 years whereas a metal roof might last over 30 years.
The roof is relatively one of the most imperative structures to your residence. Not only do you trust on it to keep your dear ones in a comfortable, protected place, but you are expecting it to last for years and to hold out the elements. When your roof leaks or a storm jeopardizes the arrangement of your roof, it’s critical to work with a trustworthy residential roofing company with a history of professional and supreme service.